Window Treatments

Decorators know all too well window treatments are an integral part of any well designed interior, and can add just the right finishing touch to form each room’s intended thought. A well selected window treatment should blend and balance each room’s interiors and not overpower it. Often the decision to do Roman shades or curtain panels can affect the overall character of the room since each determines the level of outdoor natural light and scenery. To coordinate a well-designed interior such drapery details as the number of pinch pleats, Hadley pleats, whether to add a soft or hard valance, operable or stationary panels, inset trims, contrast lining are just a few of the decisions each decorator will consider and determine. For some interiors sheer café curtains with hand-sewn rings are the perfect relaxed atmosphere. 

What do decorators always look for when selecting an upholstery and drapery workroom? The answer is attention to detail and quality. There’s a world of difference when you compare a Roman shade sewn by hand with a contrast whip stitch as opposed to a Roman shade stitched with a sewing machine. Using a sewing machine is quicker, reduces labor cost, substitute’s quality and the finishing details look commercial. All drapery in our workroom is sewn by hand, the drapery rings are sewn by hand, all trims and details are hand stitched. We make sure to accomplish the decorator’s expectations and trust by maintaining a standard of excellence.